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  The Crew:



Likes: Giants, Yankees and people who say "swimmingly".

Dislikes: Snakes and Penguins.

Schedule: Mon., Thurs. 8-4, Tues., Wed. 12-8, Fri. 9-4



Likes: Come in and find out.

Dislikes: Not sure yet....

Schedule: Tues., Wed. 8pm-4am


Bobby Reif   

Likes: His sister

Dislikes: Anyone who likes his sister.

Schedule: Mon. 12pm-8pm, Sat. 8pm-4am



Likes: Ducks!

Dislikes: Tiles! Floor, wall, cieling - hate 'em all!

Schedule: Sun. 7pm-4am



Likes: Cuban food. (joke)

Dislikes: That old "Ray likes Cuban food" joke.

Schedule: Thurs. 11-8, Fri. 11-9, Sat. 12-8, Sun. 12-7


Taryn Reif   

Likes: Tank tops, Hipsters, Bon Jovi and Springstein.

Dislikes: An empty bottle of wine.

Schedule: Ever-present


John Reif   

Likes: NY Rangers, Disco music.

Dislikes: Rangers losing.

Schedule: Always in spirit.

John Reif - 1942-2002 - Rest In Peace